Meet our Artisans: Laura Wilson

Hello everyone, it is with a huge grin on our faces that we have the pleasure of introducing to you one of our talented artisans: Laura Wilson of Cloud Cap Jewelry. You can find pieces made by Laura for sale on our website, and they are something truly special. In order to give you a little bit more of an insight into the mind behind them, we thought it would be nice to ask Laura to walk us through her creative inspirations, and tell us a little more about her personal creative process.

Laura was kind enough to agree, and we’ve collected some of our conversation to share with you the unique and interesting ideas which inform her work, and indeed, her life! We would like, first of all, to thank Laura for her willingness to share in such depth, and for being a generally brilliant human with such talent. Laura’s beautiful pieces embody everything that we believe art can be here at Uncovered Artistry: they are unique, they are inspiring, and they are empowering. However, we might as well dispense with our summary and let the artist speak for herself.

We began by asking Laura what inspires her…

What inspires your art?
“I have a love for things that are old and romantic.  They make me wonder what secrets they hold and what things they have seen.

I like Art Nouveau designs with their graceful, swirly swoops and curves, and I like flowers and dragonflies and the way a branch bends in the wind. Balance and beauty seem so closely related to me.”

Tlaura1aking a look at some of Laura’s jewellery, it is easy to see this subtle but somehow still prominent connection with nature; florid shades emerge from leafy spouts, and rose coloured glass washes into shimmering brass in a naturalistic homage:

Looking at this piece it is hard to imagine it ever

existed in a half-completed state, but like all beautiful things, this little necklace began with a thought. We asked Laura about her creative process, and where she creates her pieces…



“Creating makes me feel relaxed…”

Where do you create? Do you have a workspace?

“I have a spare bedroom that my daughter and I call the Cloud Cap Jewelry Room.  It’s crowded and would never make it to the top of a list of beautiful workspaces, but it works well for us.  Well, mainly for me, since my daughter now has 3 young children and doesn’t have much time to come over and help make the jewellery now.

Creating makes me feel relaxed and as if my mind is running smoothly and firing on all of its cylinders.  When I’m creating, time goes by so fast that I can’t believe how much as passed since I last looked at the clock. Usually what pulls me out of a creative splurge is my body telling me that I haven’t fed it in a long time… it’s that consuming and immersing.”

laura2When we look at Laura’s work, it is to feel that secondary surge of creative energy; like an imprint of that “consuming” impulse to make something has been captured in the Czech glass and frozen in time; almost radiating an unearthly quality and inviting others to jump in and be inspired…

“We were born to create…”

If you’ve come this far you probably already know that Uncovered Artistry is founded on the principle that creativity can be harnessed to heal our hearts and minds. This belief is something Laura shares, and something that shines through in the things she makes.

Do you believe that creativity is a good healing tool?

“Yes, I do believe that creativity is a good healing tool. We were born to create, whether we create something physical like jewellery or something more intangible, such as a mood by the way in which we decorate a room, or by creating a feeling that all is well and safe around us.”

Something really special came out of this question, and we absolutely fell in love with Laura’s idea that people can decorate the world around them by “creating a feeling”. Surely, this is something that we all do when we choose to create something. In the act of creating we put a little bit of ourselves into the world around us, and other people can see, hear, feel, and touch it.

Creating is the act of making something that lives in our hearts something that lives in the world, however “intangible” that may be. In a sense, we all create every day: when we wake up and go to work, or come home wearing a smile, we are creating feelings in this way which Laura describes.

laura3Laura has chosen to put a piece of herself into her jewellery, and that imbues her jewellery with the feeling of wellness and safety she speaks of.

Looking on at the care and attention that has gone into these earrings, for example, we found that this sense of wellness was something that could be felt, and perhaps that Laura had found a way to give an “intangible” feeling a physical form.

We’re nearing the end of our little stroll through the avenues of one of Uncovered Artistry’s talented artisans, and we hope you have enjoyed the journey. However, Laura has a lot of work ahead of her, and there are exciting possibilities on her horizons…

“I love to learn…”

What do you plan to make next?

“I am currently working on pieces that have a more rustic style, with splashes of verdigris and a more ancient feel.

I have been accepted into the Handmade on Amazon program and am trying to learn the ins and outs of a major online shopping site.  There’s lots to learn, but I think that I’m starting to get the hang of it.  I love to learn, so that’s helpful when tackling something like this.”
We can’t wait to see what Laura comes up with next, and we will be sure to share more of her fantastic jewellery with you in future. If you have fallen in love with Laura’s jewellery as much as we have you can find the items featured in this article for sale at our shop.

Love. Heal. Create.

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