What is Uncovered Artistry?

Uncovered Artistry is an online shop and non-profit charity selling the handmade creations of domestic and sexual abuse survivors. Founded by twin sisters Sarah and Angie Spoto in their third year of university, Uncovered Artistry has been supporting survivors of domestic violence by encouraging creativity and promoting awareness of abuse for over six years.

The idea behind Uncovered Artistry is taking a creative approach to healing. We believe that through creativity people bloom anew, that everyone has a creative flare in them; you don’t have to be Lord Byron sitting in a comfortable leather armchair with a pipe in your mouth to write a poem, and you don’t need to cut off your own ear to paint something you can be proud of.

We believe in creativity as a democratic enterprise which that everyone can find shelter in. Almost everyone has a thing they would rather be doing than their job,or a calling they feel they lost in the bustle of modern life. We want to encourage people to find their thing and run with it. Don’t neglect your thing, because your thing is you. Your thing can get you through troubles that you never saw coming, heal scars, dry a teary eye, and make you as you make it. We shape our identities in the things we make and choose the person we want to be with every brushstroke. Your thing becomes you, and your thing heals you. So please, find your thing and never let it go.

            Who would you end ABUSE for?


We want to be more than a jewellery store. We want to create a multi-media creative space where people can share their thing with us, and raise awareness of how abuse affects all of us, even if it isn’t happening to all of us. Our idea is two-fold: Create a space where people can heal through creativity, and raise awareness and support for victims of abuse.Not all of us are victims of abuse, but all of us are affected by it. The effects of abuse are felt by families, friends, and spouses. Abuse leaves a big ripple in the waters of life, one which that permeates through many lives, not just one. We believe abuse can only be ended if society becomes aware of what it looks like, and how to heal it.

We want to be a safe place for creative minds who have been the victim of or have been affected by abuse. A place where you can come in and lose yourself in your creativity. We want everything. Paintings, poems, stories, jewellery (as most of you know already!), decorative knitwear, mittens for dogs… anything.

We want you to share your thing with us. We also want to ask you a simple question: Who would you end abuse for? One of our previous awareness campaigns asked this simple question, and got a beautiful bunch of answers. We realise that not everyone who gets involved will have been personally affected by abuse, but everyone who understands the impact it has on lives can sympathise, and we believe everyone has someone they would end abuse for. We would ask that you think of the people you love and find an answer for this question.

Uncovered Artistry is an online shop selling the handmade art and jewelry of domestic and sexual abuse survivors. We support survivors of domestic violence by encouraging creativity and entrepreneurship, financially supporting survivors, and promoting awareness of abuse. Shop online at www.uncoveredartistry.com. Follow us on Twitter @UncoveredArtist.


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