Our Vision 2016

Welcome to the new Uncovered Artistry Blog! Angie here, co-founder and social media manager. For those new here, Uncovered Artistry Boutique is an online shop selling the art and handmade jewelry of domestic and sexual abuse survivors.

We got started 5 years ago, while we were both juniors at Lake Forest College, with the help of a grant from Projects for Peace. Today, Sarah lives in New York, where she studies entrepreneurship at the University of Rochester’s Simon Business School MBA program.

Sarah's travels
Pictures of Sarah’s travels around the world. I spent half of 2015 living in Holland, and she came to visit. We saw many amazing places in Europe!

I live in Glasgow, Scotland, where I’m getting my masters degree in creative writing at the University of Glasgow. So, a lot has changed!

Angie Scotland
Me (Angie) in Scotland. That’s Edinburgh’s Arthur’s Seat in the background.

Over the holidays, Sarah and I got together and drafted a plan for 2016. What did we want to accomplish with Uncovered Artistry? How did we want the business to grow? What were our goals?

Sarah and Angie Holiday
A picture of me and Sarah at Christmas. I’m not actually taller than her (credit: heeled boots) — we really are identical twins!

Here’s our vision, who we want to be by the start of 2017:

Uncovered Artistry is an established online boutique, selling a wide selection of home goods and jewelry. We make a large impact on the lives of a select number of artisans by purchasing their work, making sales, and promoting awareness of domestic abuse.

We’re focusing on three areas of improvement:

  • Expanding our selection of products –> Which means buying MORE from our artisans
  • Growing our social media platform –> Which means EXPANDING our reach as we promote awareness

I’m proud to announce our new shiny social media accounts. Browse the shop and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Uncovered Artistry is an online shop selling the handmade art and jewelry of domestic and sexual abuse survivors. We support survivors of domestic violence by encouraging creativity and entrepreneurship, financially supporting survivors, and promoting awareness of abuse. Shop online at www.uncoveredartistry.com. Follow us on Twitter @UncoveredArtist.

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