Featured Blogger: Les Personnages

Less than six months ago, a recently graduated Portuguese fashion designer, Margarida, began the blog Les Personnages, which features her work. A few months later, she kindly featured information about Uncovered Artistry’s Art Show to End Abuse on her blog. We are thrilled to feature her in return, and hope you take the worthy trip to her blog to experience her creative work.

In the high unemployment and a shaky economic climate in Portugual, this blogger “…decided to make a blog so I could share my work with others and it was a way for me to keep working and not giving up.”

“The characters,” she writes, “were born when I started playing on my computer, after that I kept making them for fun. I decided to post them on my blog to see what people would say about those little characters that I was doing,  after that some people told me that I should make them into t-shirts and they would like to have a t-shirt with one of those characters.I thought about that and became really excited, so I started planning a way to turn them into t-shirts.”

Currently, she is working on the t-shirts and hopes to start selling them soon.

Let’s wish Margarida all the best and support her by visiting her blog, Les Personnages, here!

You can also Like the blog’s Facebook page or follow it on Twitter.

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