Who Has Time for Social Media? 3 Tips for Quick, Easy, and Effective Social Media Campaigns.

You’ve all heard it: Social media is an amazing, and necessary, tool for any small business. But unless you have a social media director, many of us find it hard to squeeze social media into our daily operations. Plus, there are so many upcoming social media tools, that one can lose their mind just trying to keep up.  I’ve made a point of finding ways to cut back on my time with social media, while still running effective social media campaigns. Below are the best tricks I’ve found so far.

1. Hoot Suite It will be the best thing to happen to your Twitter. With Hoot Suite, you can schedule your Twitter posts for months in advance.  No need to go in and post everyday anymore. The bonus? It’s free to join.

2. Link Your Social Media– I’m surprised at how many businesses don’t utilize this simple trick. Consider linking your Twitter account to your Facebook and LinkedIn.  When you post to Twitter, the post will automatically appear on your Facebook and LinkedIn as well. And if you’re using Hoot Suite, that means you are getting more bang for your…time.  Look under your LinkedIn and Facebook settings to link up your accounts.

3. Focus Your Efforts– If you don’t have time to make a great YouTube page, then don’t. In my opinion, a bad image is worse than no image for social media. Focus social media outlets that you have time to make really good. However, be sure to research all your opinions and stay up to date on the newest social media trends. You never know when you will have the time to expand to another outlet.

Those are my best tricks to manage social media quickly and effectively. Do you use any other tricks?

Sarah is the co-founded of The Uncovered Artistry Project. She is an art and business student pursuing a career in the fashion and apparel industry.

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