Utilizing Social Media for Small Business Owners

10 helpful hints from Mashable.com

By Michelle Spoto, Contributor

With a mission to “empower and inspire people by spreading knowledge of social media and technology,”Mashable.com is an independent news source that focuses on digital culture and technology. With more than 20 million visitors each month, Mashable.com has been steadily growing since its creation in 2005.

An article titled “10 Small Business Social Media Marketing Tips” posted on Mashable.com is a valuable resource for any owner looking to expand her small business via social networking. Much more than just a list, the article goes in depth to explain specific steps that can be taken to utilize each online resource. For example, while most business owners know that sites such as Facebook or Twitter can be of value, the article clearly shows how best to take advantage of them. For each of the ten tips, there’s a “basic strategy” and an “advanced strategy.” The basic strategy outlines just a few ways that a business owner could put this tip into play while the advanced strategy gives owners even more insight into making use of digital media.

Whether this is your first venture into the world of social networking or if you’re just looking to add a few more tricks to your digital media arsenal, “10 Small Business Social Media Marketing Tips” is worth the read.


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